There is a lot of room for more people! General services are well developed, and there are many possibilities to get out into untouched nature.

The local fjord has a lot of fish, and there are many idyllic places where people lived earlier in the outer reaches of our council area, although nobody lives there now.

Earlier the main sources of work were fishing and agriculture. Now business is more channelled into industry, fish farming and services. There is also an indoor rose centre which produces a special sort of rose unique to this area.

There is a particular area in the north of the council which has preserved the special landscape from earlier times, with agricultural fields sloping steeply down towards the fjord. This area is one of twenty chosen landscapes in Norway, which shows how farming was done without machines.

Sørfold has also status as a national park area. The whole of the Rago National Park is within the councils borders. Parts of Sjunkhatten, the Cildren`n National park also lies in Sørfold.

We would invite you to experience and enjoy our council area.

Are you a tourist in Sørfold?

If so, we recommend a visit to the old farmhouse in Kjelvik. Time has more or less stood still since the last inhabitant died in 1967. Kjelvik is right next to the E6, 56 kilometres (35 miles) north of Fauske. There are parking facilities, and also a marked trail to the farm itself.

Sørfold participates in regional tourism cooperation through Visit Bodø. Link to their website:

Visit Bodø

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